Action Call

A one hour video call where you can get clarity on one or two areas that you want to move forward with. This is for one off sessions when you know what you want to focus on and you want a quick way to create action. 

Action Packages

These coaching packages are for clients who already know what they want us to focus on but would need more than one session to cover it. These packages also include follow-up emails/calls in between sessions to not only motivate you but to ensure that you’re on track with steps towards your goal.

Idea to Action - Start-ups

Building a new business from the ground up?

I can support you through the entire start-up process from clarifying your vision for the business, defining its mission and goals, putting in place both long-term and short-term strategies as well as developing a detailed action plan that you can start working on straight away. 

Vision to Action

Do you have great ideas for the long term development of your business? Are you too involved in the day-to-day activities of your business that you have no time to fully implement these ideas? Fret not. All you need is some time to work on your business rather than in it. Together we can use this tried and proven goal-achieving process to break down the biggest ideas into simple yet effective steps. 

Focus Packages

These are one-to-one 90-day programs which consist of a combination of coaching sessions, training and support. They are tailored to help you improve on and put into action specific skills that are vital to every small business owner. Choose from Time Management, Organisational Skills, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Team Building. This is done in phases where we will start with the vision phase and support you through the implementation and monitoring phases.

Life Coaching

In addition to Business Coaching, I am a Certified Life Coach and offer life coaching for anyone who want to turn their personal Vision into a Reality. Life coaching is also available to business owners who feel that they are overwhelmed with business and need work/life balance. Coaching sessions are offered via video sessions or in person and can be purchased based on the number of sessions required.

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