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Hi, it's great to see you here!

I know I have a short amount of time with you today so lets fast track a few presumptions... 

You love what you do.
You're passionate about your business.
You've got a great service to offer to the world.

You’re ambitious, resourceful and on a mission to build a successful business
and leave a legacy.

But....​You just don't know HOW to reach your giant goal of running a business in a way that’s Sustainable and Feels really good.

Every time you think about Levelling Up.... your stomach turns.
You know deep down that this is possible, yet you struggle. 
You know you need to grow your business, but you're scared.

I get you. I totally understand because I've been there not so long ago.

I had a Vision for my business but I didn't know HOW to get there.
The thing is, most of us are not taught these things when we start off in business. 
We're often forced to learn it on our own.
Others didn't get to learn it at all because their business failed miserably
that they couldn't bring it back.


I'm here to help, so you won't have to go through the struggles that I've gone through.

My life changed and I want to show you how you can do the same.


Here's How I can Help You:


Here's How You'll Benefit: 

  • You will gain a clear vision

  • You will become more focused

  • You will become a more confident business owner

  • You will experience personal and business growth

  • There will be more alignment in your business

  • You will get results (if you do the work)

  • You will level up (if you do the work)

  • You will become more strategic in your thinking, planning and decision making

  • You will know exactly what needs to be done in order to grow your business

  • You will be more equipped with the skills needed to successfully run your business

  • And much more......


Why not join me as we focus on what needs to be done to take your Business to the Next Level.
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I work with Small Business Owners to develop Strategies and the competence needed for Long-term Business Growth and Survival. I also help Christian Business owners build their businesses based on Biblical Principles.

Statistics show that approximately 60% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years and guess what, I've been there. I'm not here just to tell you about all my successes. I want you to know that I've learnt some costly business lessons as well. In the early years of my very first business, it failed twice. I was down and depressed until I found a coach who helped me to brush the dust off my knees, stand up and get that business back up.


Now, along with my husband, I run three successful businesses. One of which is Way2BetterBusiness Coaching. That's where I work with Small Business Owners to ensure that they don't make the mistakes I've made. I help them to get back up, just like I did and keep moving again. I help them to understand that passion alone is not enough to run a business successfully. It calls for much more.

Anyway, enough about me, let's shine the light on you.

I'm Janice,

Business Coach and Entrepreneur

If you don't know me yet, I should probably introduce myself.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it.
Here's What People Say!

Yet another great thought-provoking business club meeting. Thank you Coach Janice for your guidance and everyone for your contributions. It has been one of the best investments of my time 👌👌👌.

Tina Norbury

Comforting Hands Recruitment

Sign me up!

Here's A Recap On What You'll Get:


Group Sessions every 1st and 3rd Tuesday Evening - VALUE £2997


Quarterly Strategy Sessions - VALUE £997


One-to-One Sessions - VALUE £5997


Weekly Accountability  - VALUE £1097


Access to Practical Resources, Worksheets, Training, etc - VALUE £397


Peer Accountability and Support - VALUE £297


Access to Guest Professionals and Masterclasses - VALUE £397

TOTAL VALUE - £12,179

 Your Price is

12 Monthly payments of £497

Make the decision today to take your growth seriously in 2023.


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