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Stepping Out of A Crisis - Pt 2

Guard your Heart and Mind from Negative People

Negative emotions are very contagious and can paralyse and destroy your business. Therefore, if you’re going to take your business out of this crisis, you’ve got to deal with the people who affect you and your business negatively.

The first step is to face reality and identify areas where you are being impacted negatively by others. Let’s look at some of the ways in which people can affect us negatively.

· They hardly have a positive conversation.

· They constantly find fault with everything you do.

· They hardly celebrate your wins.

· They constantly distract you from getting work done.

· Their issues are always more important.

· They are always complaining.

There are ways you can deal with them differently to avoid them having a huge impact on your thoughts.

Here are some examples:

· Don’t buy into their negativity. Don’t allow yourself to become infected with toxic negativity.

· You are not their problem solver. It is not your job to make an unhappy person happy.

· Give yourself a break. Setting boundaries is how you give yourself a break from an encroaching negative person.

· Hold your tongue. When dealing with a negative person it’s tempting to let yourself slide into anger or frustration, but save yourself the heartache.

· Take charge of the conversation. When a person is constantly complaining about certain events or subjects, you can use a technique called appreciative inquiry, which is the process of asking questions to help the person gain a more positive outlook.

· Be the light. Strive to personify positivity.

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Janice is a Certified Business Coach whose extensive professional experience in various aspects of business has set her on a mission to help business leaders turn their Vision into Reality. She works with them to develop and implement strategies, best-practice systems and take action steps that will help move their business forward. In addition to Business Coaching, she is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Wife and Mum. She also works with Christian business owners who desire to run their business based on Biblical Principles.

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