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Stepping Out of A Crisis - Pt 1

Guard your Heart and Mind from Negativity

We can't step out of a crisis with a bag of negativity on our shoulders. It won’t work. Negativity weighs you down, and it’s hard to move forward carrying that kind of weight.

If we feed our minds with negative things then they will breed continuous negative thoughts. Negative thought patterns are repetitive, unhelpful thoughts. They directly cause what we could describe as ‘negative’ (unwanted or unpleasant) emotions like anxiety, depression, stress, fear, unworthiness, shame etc.

One of the common ways that negativity can creep in is through what we hear and see on the news. As much as it is important to be aware of what’s going on in the world, we have to set boundaries. As business owners, we will need to know what is going on in your industry and external environment as this will help us with our strategy. However, we can not allow it to overwhelm us. What I’ve learnt is, choose what you need to know and leave the rest behind.

We can guard our hearts by:

  • Protecting it from things that will lower our self-esteem, our self-worth and lead to depression.

  • Protecting it from things that will breed fear, anxiety and doubt.

  • Protecting it from anything that will affect it negatively.

For more information on guarding your heart, click here to grab a copy of my new book.

Janice is a Certified Business Coach whose extensive professional experience in various aspects of business has set her on a mission to help business leaders turn their Vision into Reality. She works with them to develop and implement strategies, best-practice systems and take action steps that will help move their business forward. In addition to Business Coaching, she is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Wife and Mum. She also works with Christian business owners who desire to run their business based on Biblical Principles.

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