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Time Management with Way2BetterBusiness Coaching

Time Management

Do you find yourself struggling with time management?

Are you too overwhelmed that you can't think straight?

Are you ready to put things right?

Guess what - The time is now.

Time Management

Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximising the time we have John C. Maxwell

Our time is a finite resource. Once it’s gone, we cannot reclaim it. This is why we must constantly remind ourselves of how valuable the gift of time is. Business owners can be incredibly busy and if you’re a sole trader, you have even bigger demands on your time as you’re having to do everything yourself. It can be overwhelming having customers to deal with, deadlines to meet, bills to pay, school run, house to clean...the list is endless. The reality is business success demands that you use your time effectively and it's how you invest your time that counts. So why not work with me to get things right?

Here's what to expect:


Time Management is part of the Focus Packages. These Packages are for business owners who are ready and committed to making immediate changes that will improve specific aspects of their business. These run over a 90-day period as we will need ample time to break old habits and adopt new ones. Every aspect of the process is tailored to suit you and your business.

The 90 days will consist of 3 coaching sessions, 1 training and strategy session and 2 follow-up and support sessions. All sessions are one-to-one. At different stages, you will be given activities that must be completed in order for us to move on to the next stage. All sessions are completely confidential and non-judgemental. Below is some of what you should expect.

  • We will begin with the drilling in stage where I ask lots of questions in order to gain clarity as to what goals you want to achieve and what successful time management looks like for you.

  • We will also do a reality check to see what you are doing so far to maximise the use of your time.

  • You will do a time audit - The key to improving your time management is to initially understand exactly where your time is currently being spent. Time auditing is a simple way of tracking where and how time is actually spent. We will agree on a timescale for that to be done.

  • When the time audit is completed, we will have a follow-up meeting to categorise your activities and see how exactly your time is being spent.

  • We will look at time wasters and distractions and devise strategies to either limit them or remove them altogether.

  • We will complete an Urgent/Important Matrix - During the working day business owners are often bombarded with activities that cause distraction from their main priorities and such activities can hinder the business from achieving its objectives. The Matrix will allow us to categorise your activities so we know what really should get priority.  

  • We will then identify the most suitable strategies that can work for you and your business.

  • You will also be trained on how to use some tried and proven techniques including ways to avoid disorganisation, fight procrastination, deal with bad habits, create new habits and be consistent.

As we go through the process, you will be actively implementing some of the changes. We will constantly be monitoring your progress to see what works well for you and what adjustments need to be made. I will be there to cheer you on as you take these important steps that will bring about significant improvement in your business.

In addition to my coaching skills, the Time Management package gives you access to all of my background in the business field; literally thousands of hours in various aspects and levels of business including my successes as well as the lessons I've learnt from my mistakes. 

You will also benefit from my various qualifications and training in business and leadership, business governance, international business, business analysis, business coaching and mentoring, personal training and life coaching.

I can’t promise you that your journey will be simple, but what I can promise you is that with the tried and tested frameworks which I use, your commitment to taking small, consistent actions plus my support, knowledge and experience you will definitely be closer to achieving your goals.

The price of the Time Management package is £350.00 per month for 3 months.

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat to work out if we’re the right fit for each other.

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