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3 Tips to help you Reflect on your Vision.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Don't get too busy with everyday tasks that you lose sight of your vision.

As business owners, it's quite easy to get so busy with the everyday tasks, ensuring that everything gets done, that we lose sight of our vision for the business. Working with small business owners, I have seen many being overly consumed by daily tasks that they have lost sight of their vision as well as their passion. The truth is, we can't afford to run a business without a vision and we have to make a conscious effort to revisit it regularly.

What is Vision:

A vision is an idea that concentrates on bringing an abstract concept to life. It is your clear, comprehensive image of what your business will look like and where it will be at some point in the future. That timeline could be five to ten years.

Vision enables forward thinking and deep focus of where you want to go. It allows you to have a much larger picture of your business, rather than simply setting and reaching short term goals and tackling problems as they come along. It enables you to clearly define your destination which in turn provides guidance.

Here are 3 tips to help you Reflect on your Vision:

1. Commit to working on your business and not just in it.

When planning your week, reserve some time just to work on your business. Working on your business is completely different from working in it. Working on your business is setting time to develop strategies that will grow your business and take it to where you want it to be. Working in your business is doing the daily tasks such as serving your clients, doing your admin work, etc. Committing to work on your business will force you to stop and think deeply about where you want it to be in the future. As you reflect on your vision, ideas will start to flow.

2. Make time for Reflection.

It might sound quite simple but many people do not make time for reflection. It's so easy to get tied up in the day-to-day tasks that by the time you're done working, the day is over. To reflect is to think deeply and carefully about something. This calls for focus. No distraction. It is not possible to ponder and gain a clear picture of your vision when you are busy doing everything else. Therefore, it is important to set a time on your calendar specifically to reflect on your vision. This will help you to gain clarity.

3. Commit to Reviewing your Business Performance.

Once a business is up and running successfully, it can be very easy to allow things to run as they are. Quite often, the thrill of current success can cause us to lose sight of our vision. However, it is at these stages that progress should be reviewed regularly. Reviewing your business performance involves assessing your core activities, business efficiency, financial position, etc. This helps you to understand where you are now and ask the question: Where is the business going? Hence, the need to reflect on your vision.

These three tips call for one thing - A commitment to set aside the time to do what is needed.

Don't allow everyday life to cause you to lose sight of your vision. Be disciplined and make time to reflect on your vision then do the work required to make it a reality.

Janice is a Certified Business Coach whose extensive professional experience in various aspects of business has set her on a mission to help business leaders turn their Vision into Reality. In addition to Business Coaching, she is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Wife, Mum and Christian. She also works with Christian business owners who desire to run their business based on Biblical Principles.

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